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33 Masterchefs of Belgium

Giuseppe Quintarelli

Principal importer for Belgium !!

Quintarelli Francesco & wines Quintarelli Cellar

The now unfortunately deceased godfather of the Amarone, Guiseppe Quintarelli, had clearly succeeded in establishing a legendary domain during his 60-year career as a winemaker. His love for the profession and legacy are now continued by Giuseppe's daughter Fiorenza, her husband Giampaolo and grandsons Francesco and Lorenzo.

The name Quintarelli guarantees many things: the family, the wines, the tradition and how they achieve all of this. Beautiful handwritten labels, the best possible corks and the exceptional wine, connects Quintarelli unmistakably to wines of the highest quality, without compromise.

Nothing is hastily done on this domain. Their wines are given all the time in the world to develop in large wooden barrels, deep in the Valpolicella region, at the top of the hills in the village of Negrar. During harvest, several passages through the vineyards are needed only to select the best grapes. For some of their wines, they use the famous appassimento technique, where the grapes are dried in wooden boxes or on specially woven wicker mats. After a period of 130 days, the dried grapes go into a fermentation bowl to start the alcoholic fermentation.

From the seductive Bianco Secco, the benchmark Valpolicella or the very exclusive Amarone Riserva, each bottle of Quintarelli is a masterpiece in itself.


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Restaurant Retail Consumer
Red Alzero Cabernet 0.75L 2012 CB6 260.00 € 286.00 € 338.84 € To be expected
Red Amarone Classico 0.75L 2012 CB6 211.00 € 232.00 € 273.55 € bottles
Red Amarone Classico 0.75L 2013 CB6 211.00 € 232.00 € 273.55 € To be expected
Red Amarone Classico Riserva 0.75L 2009 CB6 415.00 € 456.50 € 537.19 € bottles
Red Amarone Classico Riserva 0.75L 2011 CB6 435.00 € 478.50 € 564.42 € To be expected
White Bianco Secco 0.75L 2019 CB6 24.40 € 26.85 € 31.65 € bottles
Red Primofiore 0.75L 2017 CB6 35.00 € 38.50 € 45.41 € bottles
Red Primofiore 0.75L 2018 CB6 36.00 € 39.60 € 46.69 € To be expected
Red Rosso del Bepi 0.75L 2010 CB6 94.40 € 103.85 € 122.31 € bottles

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Retail: price for 12 bottles, per reference
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