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Where Dreams - Silvio Jermann

Italian Wines > Friuli - 100.00% Chardonnay

Notes: Dedicated to U2's "The Joshua Tree" album (1987) and specifically to the song "Where the streets have no name". This wine was created with the 1987 harvest and over the years its name has undergone a number of variations. For its first nine years it was called "Where the Dreams have no end..." and it changed the colour of its capsule with every vintage, cycling through the seven colours of the iris (plus white and black) on the label, beginning with white and progressing anticlockwise. The four phases of the moon were also shown. In 1996 it became "Were Dreams, now it is just wine!", with a blue capsule bearing a stylised Comet Hale-Bopp. It continued in this livery for another seven years. Finally in 2003 we returned to our roots somewhat with: "W…. Dreams ………", adding the year of harvest below and drawing Mars on the capsule. And the dot-dot-dot in the name? Our interpretation of the full name is "Where Dreams can happen", but everyone can bring their own interpretation to it.

Interesting fact: The "Where the Dreams have no end..." label was used in the hit Disney film "The Parent Trap" (1998), directed by Nancy Meyers and starring Natasha Richardson, Dennis Quaid and Lindsay Lohan (twice, playing twins).

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Silvio Jermann


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Where Dreams Screwcap
0.75L 2018 CB6 43.25 € 47.60 € 56.12 € bottles

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