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Campofiorin Ripasso, Veronese IGT - Masi Agricola

Italian Wines > Veneto - 70.00% Corvina; 25.00% Rondinella; 5.00% Molinara

Created in 1964 using an “ingenious technique” (Hugh Johnson), Campofiorin is universally acknowledged to be a “wine of luxuriant size and complexity, the prototype for the new-style Veronese red.” (Burton Anderson).
For the first time in history, two consecutive vintages have top ratings. Campofiorin 2007 proudly follows Campofiorin 2006 with a “5 star” rating by the Masi Technical Group, whose judgements are very severe and describe the wine’s organoleptic qualities strictly in line with climatic conditions, not just in the viticultural phase (growth and ripening) but also in the delicate Appassimento phase. This is when the wine can be taken to the heights of excellence, as the grapes acquire concentration, and super-ripeness endows them with particular aromas and tastes.

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Restaurant Retail Consumer
Campofiorin Ripasso
0.38L 2017 CB12 6.10 € 6.70 € 7.89 € bottles
Campofiorin Ripasso
0.75L 2017 CB6 10.55 € 11.60 € 13.68 € bottles
Campofiorin Ripasso
1.50L 2017 CB6 21.95 € 24.15 € 28.47 € bottles

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